Business Headshots

Having a good headshot is an important part of being professional in the current marketplace. With having such a heavy reliance on the internet, your portrait is probably the first thing someone sees. Everywhere you look online, if there’s a person involved there will generally be a headshot to go along with it.

And this is important, this is your first impression.

There are many studies that show the importance of a first impression. What these studies have found is that we form an opinion of a person based on our first impression, and that this first impression is fairly accurate and tends to stick around for quite some time. What this means is that we need to make sure our first impression is a good one.

What I’m offering for headshots is a portrait that leaves a good first impression. We can talk about what impression you want to leave and I’ll tailor the lighting and background to fit. I retouch all of my headshots in a manor that looks great, but doesn’t change who you are. My pricing goal is to offer something that’s affordable but still give you a lot for that price.

For pricing, they way I estimate is with a setup fee and then a per final photo price. For a reasonable distance near Green Bay, my setup fee is $100 and my final photo price is $20, which includes the retouching. I think this works great for smaller to mid-size teams.

Looking for more?

I understand this is a pretty simple place to start, and that it doesn't fit for everyone. If you're looking for more, or less, or maybe something a little different, let me know in the section below and I'll be in touch so I can hear about what you're looking for.

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